Tampography allows to decorate heels, wedges and eventually some types of soles, with finishes that reproduce the effect of leather, wood, cork, skin and any other pattern or custom design.

The pad-printing process allows a finishing level higher than painting, particularly for the leather effect.

Tacchificio Polato, always observant to the new market demands, has since 2007 a department totally dedicated to this type of processing which includes three printing machines, as well as all the equipment for the internal production of cliché and pads.

The Tampography Department has been distinguished in recent years for the realization of some items considered to be not decorable before.

With the experience and the technique matured and the highly specialized staff, Tacchificio Polato is now able to pad-printing up to 4000 pairs of heels per day with the quality and care to details that have always distinguished it.