Tacchificio Polato confirms its vocation of Green Company by installing a 200 Kw Photovoltaic Plant, whose energy is used directly for its production.

The plant, consisting of approximately 800 photovoltaic panels distributed over 1,400 square meters, produces 206 MWh annually, avoiding the combustion of 38.5 tonnes of equivalent oil(TEP) and the emission of 102 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere, an aspect of particular importance considering its location in the historic-landscaping area of the Brenta Riviera.

Tacchificio F.lli Polato, always caring about environmental protection, has chosen to use 100% Clean Energy, favoring the production of electricity from renewable sources, which do not enter the environment gases responsible for the greenhouse effect.

In 2017, the company has further improved its environmental impact by replacing all the lighting of the heels department, which counted over 100 neon tubes, with the latest generation of LED lamps.